Happy Thanksgiving Photo Frames & Effects

Have you ever thought what are you grateful for? There is a day when we say thanks for all the things that we esteem: love, happiness, welfare, friendship, our families and jobs. Without gratitude humans’ life can become lonely and dull. When people share thanks with each other they feel better and happier, and often they become better persons. So, what are you thankful for?

We are grateful for you using our service, as we do our best to make it worth your attention. Thanksgiving Day is on its way and it’s time to find new ways to share your feelings with important people. We know all about photo greeting cards thus we’ve gathered top photo effects, frames and backgrounds to help you make awesome holiday cards for this Thanksgiving Day. Click the image to find out which photo effect was used to create it.

Happy Thanksgiving artistic photo card personalized with short text wishes

Photo Effects for Thanksgiving Holiday

Do not share ordinary holiday e-cards on this Thanksgiving Day! Be unique and congratulate your friends and relatives with personalized photo cards. All you need to make a custom card is your photo and one of these templates designed especially for Thanksgiving Day. Optionally, you can complement your pics with text wishes.

The photo frame below places your photo near a cornucopia (also called the horn of plenty), a magical source of abundance and nourishment which can feed all the people as it once fed Zeus in an ancient Greek legend. You can add a photo of your friends or relatives to this template to wish them happiness and welfare.

Happy Thanksgiving  photo card with the symbol of harvest - cornucopia, or the horn of plenty, personalized with a photo of a little smiling girl

Little ones will surely like these unusual Thanksgiving photo frames with characters from famous cartoons.

Thanksgiving photo frame for kids with a pumpkin, Winnie the Pooh and a scarecrow Kids photo frame for Thanksgiving day with Dora the  Explorer


Autumn Photo Frames and Backgrounds for Autumn Holiday

On Thanksgiving people are giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year. Make your family photos even warmer on this beautiful holiday with this autumn photo frame.

Autumn photo frame was used to create a family

Autumn is a beautiful season of warm bright colors, when late berries, apples and yellow leaves all together make a charming festive pallette. Make lovely seasonal pics by adding an autumn background to your portrait photos. You can also turn your photo into a warm sanguine drawing in warm autumn colors.

Sanguine drawing photo effect used to make a Thank you card on Thanksgiving day Photo background with autumn leaves was added to a photo of a little laughing child


Creative Thanksgiving Day Ideas

Have you ever dreamt of trying on a native americans’ war bonnet? Do it right now and be sure to share your pic on Thanksgiving Day. It is quite possible that you’ll get an enormous amount of Facebook likes and retweets from amazed friends and subscribers! Besides, you can turn your Native American style portrait into an animated picture with the ‘By the Fireplace’ photo effect. Use it to show that you have deep Indian roots and honor the memory of your family members.

On Thanksgiving become a Native American wearing a war bonnet with this face in hole photo template Place your photo into an old painting hanging above a cozy fire place and make an animated image

If you are a fan of DIY costumes, you can make funny photos with your pets wearing colonists headwear. Such hats can be easily made from paper. Add the ‘Retro Stamp’ photo effect to your photos to make them look even more authentic.

A photo of labrador dogs wearing colonists hats is turned into an old post stamp with a vintage photo effect


Yummy Frames for Thanksgiving Food Photos

Thanksgiving holiday table is always filled with dishes. If you are proud of your holiday masterpieces, take photos of them to show to your friends and subscribers. You can even make a photo recipe card. Choose one of our yummy photo frames, add it to your photo, print the result and write a recipe on the back side of your photo card. Give these recipe photo cards to your guests on Thanksgiving.

Make a photo recipe card of your best Thanksgiving cake and share it with guests Make a Thanksgiving recipe card personalized with food photos and decorated with this yummy frame. Be sure to share it with guests

And the last but not least, a cook on Thanksgiving really deserves a personal ‘Thanks’ for creating this wonderful table. Say ‘Thank you for all the efforts and hard work’ to your cook with this new ‘Thank You’ photo card!

A Thanks you photo card was made to thank a granny cooking lots of tasty dishes for Thanksgiving holiday table

Keep in touch, lots of new interesting stories are on the way! Happy Thanksgiving and may your table be groaned with food all the time (as well as your life – with joy and happiness)!