Autumn: 7 reasons to adore this season with Photo Lab

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” Albert Camus

If you ask us what our favorite season of the year is, it won’t be easy to answer. Hot sunny weather, green grass, and vacation opportunities make us love summer, while New Year, Christmas and snow are the main reasons to be a winter fan. Being an allegory of new life spring gives us a breath of fresh air as well as a sense of a new beginning, decorating it with a beauty of a blossoming nature. As for autumn, we love it dearly. Need proof? How about seven reasons why we adore this season of the year at Photo Lab?..

Warm yourself with Photo Lap

⬆️Quick hint: click on any picture to apply an autumn effect to your photo 😉

Time for masterpieces

Poets and writers of all time were and are inspired by a special autumnal atmosphere. Watching how nature is changing and leaves are falling down, and listening to the wind bring people deep thoughts and great ideas.

Fall does not leave Photo Lab creators cold too – just have a look at this combo!

A real masterpiece

Color palette

Everything in our world is interrelated. In autumn day length becomes shorter and temperature decreases triggering the change in leaves colors. That is why we see all the hues of green, yellow, orange, brown and red at this time every year. Isn’t it amazing?

Photo Lab is hiding many colorful combos under the #autumn2018 hashtag… Here is a sneak peak:

Colorful background for your photo

Leaf falls

There is nothing more satisfying than stepping on crunchy leaves, right? Nature is enchanting like never before when colorful leaves are falling down… You can take a picture and turn it into a great background for your photos using our “Background Changer” effect in Smart Filters. And while you are getting ready check out this ready-to-use edit:

Autumn background

Cozy atmosphere

There is nothing better than a bit of coolness after hot weather, do you agree? And what about early mornings? Seeing nothing through mist except your own breath in the fresh air is truly wonderful.

Cozy atmosphere

We are pretty sure that everyone has their own associations with every time of a year. So do we – autumn makes us think about good books, plaid, fireplace, rocking-chair, and tea (or are you a coffee person?). Just imagining it makes us feel so warm…

By the way, do you have such atmospheric photos? Here are some appropriate effects for them you might like:

Warm filters

Autumn looks

Seasonal changes mean clothing changes. Autumn is the time when you start wearing scarfs, beanies, coats, gloves and boots. Did you know that maple leaves wreaths are popular in such countries as Canada, Russia and Switzerland? If there are no maples in your country and you’ve never made such a wreath, go for our “Maple Leaf Crown” effect. It looks even better than the real one, doesn’t it?

Autumn look

Pumpkins and Halloween

Yes, these are the most popular things associated with autumn. Pumpkins are usually carved into decorative lanterns for Halloween. People cut out eyes, nose and mouth and then put a candle inside of a pumpkin to make it shine. Looks horrendous but impressive! Open your Photo Lab app to check out our scary Halloween effects or just tap on these below 😉

Halloween is coming

Family time

Nowadays people are very busy: there are so many things to do and lots of places to visit. Sometimes we don’t even have free weekends to spend with our family. Autumn gives us this opportunity – Thanksgiving Day. This day is an example of a holiday that combines everything you love together – your family and tasty food. 😉 Thank you, autumn!

Hey, would you share your opinion on this frame with us? We think it makes a simple but wonderful gift for your beloved people. 😍

Thanksgiving Day

Each time of a year is unique and magnificent. We’ve just shared our thoughts about autumn with you. And what about you? come on and share your feelings on the most colorful season. Or express it with a combo and leave the link to it in comments. 😉

P.S. don’t forget that there are lots of good ideas on how to edit your autumnal photos in Photo Lab. Browse #autumn and #autumn2018 hashtags to find and apply them all.