Scary Funny Photo Editing for Halloween

Trick or treat?
In terms of photo editing, we have both and even more! Halloween is near at hand, thus we’ve gathered some great ideas of Halloween photo effects that will help you to make funny scary images for this holiday. Here you’ll find tips and ideas on how to make funny Halloween pictures from kids’ photos. Besides, a lot of unusual and scary Halloween frames and effects for adults are also listed below. Be sure to click the image you like to find out which photo effect was used to create it.

Funny and scary Halloween photo effects and frame online from



Funny Scary Transformations

It’s Halloween! Everybody puts on scary costumes of ghosts, vampires, mutants, zombies and other mysterious creatures. If you can’t wait for the holiday photo shoot and want to publish a new scary profile photo right now, use one of our Scary Face photo effects and turn yourself into an otherworldly bogey.

Turn yourself into a sharp-toothed vampire or a black-eyed demon (do you remember the Supernatural series?).

Vampire teeth were added to face photo to make a vampire image on Halloween Dark demon eyes and tattoo was added to face photo to make a demon from Supernatural series

Zombify your portrait photo or add horns and white eyes with no pupils to make a creepy Halloween image.

Zombie photo maker was used to turn a girl into a zombie for Halloween holiday White eyes and horns were added to a photo of a young guy to turn him into a demon


Halloween Photo Effects for All Ages

Monster photo effects are scary, maybe, too scary for children. Here come funny templates which can be used to edit photos of adults as well kids and teens.

A scary photo frame with gargoyle was added to make a creepy Halloween image with young girl An animated bat photo frame was added to a photo of young guy to make a vampire style Halloween image
Funny Halloween night frame with a pumpkin was added to a photo of an aged lady A man applied Halloween photo frame with a mirror to make a funny Halloween image
A cute pumpkin photo frame is added to a photo of a laughing child to make funny Halloween image A photo is turned into Jack-o'-Lantern stencil with this Jack-o'-Lantern generator


Costumes of Famous Characters and Scary Creatures

Halloween is the time when dead come back and evil spirits walk on the streets. Using our templates you can become one of them (only in photos, of course, otherwise it wouldn’t be so funny). Try on costume suits of a devil girl or a brave pirate of the Caribbean (though Jake the Sparrow is a fictitious character, he had real prototypes) with our funny face in hole effects.

Jack the Sparrow pirate photo template is used to make a costume face in hole photo A face in hole photo effect was used to turn a girl into a dress up devil

Add your face to Gollum’s body and become one of the most famous and ambiguous characters from Lord of the Rings or make a Halloween picture inspired by a famous movie episode with Marilyn Monroe.

Jack the Sparrow pirate photo template is used to make a costume face in hole photo A face in hole photo effect was used to make a Halloween picture inspired by a famous movie episode with Marilyn Monroe

Kids will surely like funny face in hole templates with characters from science fiction, cartoons and myths.

A face in hole effect was used too turn a boy into Zeus, Greeks God A superhero template was used to turn a boy into an Iron man

You can recreate a romantic plot with a dead man coming to look for his departed bride.Check the Wedding tag on to find more photo effects and make a deadly romantic Halloween image in Love Ever After style.

A dead bride image framed with a wedding lock photo template A dead bride and groom photo framed with digital laces
A dead bride image framed with a wedding march photo template


Mystical and Dangerous Photo Frames

Do you carve Halloween pumpkins and take photos of the best of them? If you need a frame or an effect to spice such photos up, make use of these wonderful photo frames and filters.

Photo of Halloween pumpkin framed with fire Photo of Halloween pumpkin in mysterious blue lighting

By the way, on the previous Halloween we carved a pumpkin as well. It wasn’t as hard as we expected and here is what we’ve got.

The Halloween pumpkin photo with a flame photo frame applied


Templates for Halloween Costume Photos

Thousands of people of all ages put on costumes on Halloween night. Little ones go for trick-or-treating, while teens and young people visit costume parties. If you have interesting photos from the last Halloween night, apply the following templates to make your photos look even better!

These two vintage photo frames will suit all glamorous Halloween photos which girls adore. If you are a dead bride, catwoman, or a skull princess you will surely like our retro photo templates.

Vintage photo frame applied to a sugar skull Halloween photo of a girl Vintage photo frame added to a portrait photo of a girl with Halloween makeup

For dead cowboys there are thematic photo frames with guns and the Wanted poster. Use them to amaze your friends and subscribers during the holiday time.

Dead cowboy photo placed into a Wanted poster for Halloween Vintage photo frame with guns added to a dead cowgirl photo on Halloween holiday

Make your costume photos look like retro shots and frames from old scary movies with the help of our Stylized photo effects.

Dead Halloween bride photo edited to add paper scratches and change colors to create an old look The grunge look was added to a photo of the dead Halloween bride
Photo of a Dead Halloween bride and her horse edited to wore it out The retro photo frame is added to a photo of Halloween bride in black wedding dress


Halloween Face Paint

If you have no makeup skills, apply the virtual face painting with the help of the Skull Makeup template. Accompanied with a suitable hairdo, it can look both scary and glamorous.

Scary skull makeup for Halloween was added to a face photo of a girl with the help of the creepy photo effect The creepy skull face painting was added to a photo of a young guy

That’s it for today. We are waiting for your Halloween masterpieces! Don’t be shy and share them with all fans of on our Facebook page or here in comments.

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