Salt your Sky photos with special effects

We couldn’t help sharing this list of effects with those who tend to raise their camera up and capture the sky above, leaving pretty little space to the land, houses and trees.

Here’re 10 color and lighting filters to style up your sky photos:

1. Generally ‘Bokeh’ is known for blurring out-of-focus areas of an image. The ‘Light Bokeh’ effect by mixes blur with sunbeams making it perfect for photos of sunny skies.
Light Bokeh

2. Make your photo look more professional with the ‘Vignetting’ filter. It imitates effect with clear center and fade out edges (usually achieved by means of wide-angle lens) thus attracting attention of the viewer to the center of the image.

3. ‘Soft Lilac’ veils the photo with a breeze of lilac and soft sun blinks here and there.
Soft Lilac

4. Boost sentimentality of the shot with the ‘Romantic Landscape’ effect.
Romantic Landscape

5. Dusk and Dawn are equally amazing. Get a warmer copy of your photo by applying ‘Dawn Light’ filter, available in two variants: light and deep.
Dawn Light LiteDawn Light Deep

6. Create a stylized retro card out of your photo using ‘Vintage Card’ template.
Vintage Card

7. The ‘Mysterious Rays’ effect will cover the image with evening light and mysterious rays.
Mysterious Rays

8. Any daylight shot can be turned into the picture taken in the evening with the ‘Evening Light’ filter.
Evening Light

9. Unfortunately not all the cameras can cope with the moon light, but you can always get the Moon down to your photo with the ‘Moon Light’ effect.
Moon Light

10. The ‘Rain Drops’ template will add a Fall mood to your photo by imitating the effect of water drops on a window.
Rain Drops

Keep experimenting, guys, for there is always a perfect picture-effect match! 😉

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