What You Can Do with Photos of Two

14 February is on its way and almost everybody who is in love looks for a new way to amaze and amuse their dearest on this wonderful day. Who doesn’t love a little romance, especially on Valentine’s Day? In addition to dates and gifts, there is a special way to show your significant ones that they’re on your mind and in your heart. The tradition of sending greeting cards originated in 18th century England. Fortunately, today you don’t need to draw the card yourself. Instead, you can design a unique photo card using one of our romantic templates!

Couple photo frames and romantic photo effects for all who are in love on February 14, 2015

For 14 February 2014, we published an overview of our romantic photo effects and explained how to use them to create beautiful and artistic Valentine’s cards. This year, we want to address a more specific need: showing you how to give photos of you and your loved one a new look. If you have photos of you and your partner as a couple, get ready to turn them into a lovely Valentine’s greeting card! Click the image with a photo effect to make a similar one, but with your own photo and text wishes.

To turn a photo into an attractive collage, you’ll need to cut it into two separate pictures. You can do this using the crop tool in Paint, Photoshop or Editor.Pho.to (our free and easy to use online photo editor). Of course, you can use separate photos and skip this step, but this method has its own advantages. When you cut one photo into two, you can make collage with images in a way that makes them look like a single picture, a sort of diptych. See the pictures below for examples, which have been edited using the ‘Romantic Spring‘ photo frame.

Romantic spring dual frame with photos of happy couples


The ‘Pin Forever’ dual photo frame can be used to create romantic greeting cards, as well as funny jokes. If you have zany photos in which you are role playing everyday situations, you can use them to make comic cards. If you have two separate photos you can also put them together. The template applies a light color filter that gives both photos the same look.

A couple photo frame for all who are in love A funny Valentine card made with romantic dual photo frame


Let your soulmates know they’re on your mind and in your heart! Make a lovely photo card with one of these new love frames: ‘Two Hearts Photo Frame’ and ‘Photo Mugs Double Frame’ and send it to someone who is special for you.

A double photo frame with flowers and paper hearts A funny Valentine card made with romantic double photo frame wherein photos of a couple placed on tea mugs


To make romantic photomontages using these dual frames, you should crop faces from your photo. The result is worth it!

Online beach frame for two photos to make a lovely Valentine card Cute couple frame to make a love card on February 14

If you have many photos of one event (an outing at the seaside or a local park, love story photo shoot, birthday party, etc.) you can unite them into one photo essay and share it with your loved one to remind them of the wonderful time you spent together. Here is what we were able to do with three photo frames and five photos.

Love couple photo frame for February 14


Stylish Valentine card using four photos
Love greeting card with LOVE letters personalized with 4 user photos


A romantic photo card as a reminder of a wonderful day
Love dual card with angels personalized with 2 user photos


Simple photo frames can be used to make wonderful love cards that are as romantic as their sophisticated counterparts shown above. Look at these cards – aren’t they cute and funny?

Black and White and Green Album photo frames
Love greeting card with kissing couple made with simple dual photo frameGreen dual frame for all who are in love


Love greeting card for St. Valentine's day made with simple couple photo frame


Here at Pho.to, we all enjoy the time leading up to 14 February, as it inspires us to design beautiful and romantic photo effects, and to write about that essential feeling called love. Stay tuned – we are currently developing new romantic photo frames and effects for everyone who finds themselves in love. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram!

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