Photo Lab on The Next Web!

It’s always nice to know when your work does not go unnoticed. So we’d like to share some great news with you today. One of the world’s largest online tech magazines, The Next Web, that delivers an international perspective on the latest news about Internet technology, business and culture, dedicated an article to our Photo Lab app and its AI Technologies.

“Photo Lab is a step up from filters that just auto-adjust your camera settings.” TNW

Getting a review on a website with over 7.2 million visits and 12 million views per month will definitely motivate us to work even better and harder. But let’s give the floor to TNW and Tristan Greene, who said that “Photo Lab might be exactly what you’re looking for if you’re trying to take an eye-catching pic to share on social media or make your significant other smiles”.

“Photo Lab feels like a modern tool… and is actually pretty fun. It’s not trying to convince me that it’ll take my crappy selfies and make them good, it takes my good selfies and makes them interesting.” TNW

“Where Photo Lab gets things right is in using strong algorithms. I wasn’t able to determine exactly what AI tools the companies behind the app (the Android and iOS versions appear published by two different organizations) were using, but it’s apparent that style transfer, face detection, and 3D-masking is doing the heavy lifting here.” TNW

“The app isn’t just designed for selfies. It processes full body shots and images with multiple faces and bodies just as easily.” TNW

The article also mentioned our viral popularity in India. Let us expand on it. Before India, we took over several other countries. All thanks to our cartoon effect, which was especially popular among local celebs and was used million times. After that India joined the trend as well. Wondering what cartoon effect brought us popularity? It’s this one!

To sum up, being mentioned by such an influential community of experts inspires us to a great extent. We work day and night to improve our products so you could play around with the most advanced modern-day AI technologies just for fun. Such an amazing age we’re living in, right? And even more to come!