Lab for iOS major update: featured artistic effects and more!

New version of Lab for iPhone and iPad is out! The update is a major one and brings a whole new group of truly artistic effects, that were only available in DEMO mode on our site before. With this update you will also get 3 new color emphasizing effects and will notice that effects previews are of better quality now.

If you are a loyal visitor you should already be familiar with “Featured Sketches and Paintings” templates. They aimed at turning your photos into paintings and drawings imitating a chosen technique. You can process your photo with seven of them: Trois Couleurs Drawing, Sanguine Drawing, Vintage Charcoal Sketch, Pastel Drawing, Graphite Pencil Sketch, Felt Tip Pen Drawing and Crayon Drawing. Lab iOS

Starting from now, all the listed effects are available in every version of Lab: free, PRO and PRO HD, but with one tiny difference: though you can apply any of these effects in any version, you must be a PRO user to be able to save the result to your gallery, instantly share it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or send it via email.

And one more change related to this major update: effects from “Featured Sketches and Paintings” group at service will have a limited functionality very soon. You will be able only to preview, not save or share the result. The only way to save and share the result is through the mobile app. This said, install the latest version of Lab, take great pictures and make them even better right on your phone!

P.S.: “Featured Sketches & Paintings” group for Lab Android is on its way 😉


Feedback highlights

Have you ever been proud of something enough to forget that “modesty is the virtue”? Then you will understand our wish to share a small portion of feedback we have been getting on the latest version of Lab. Remember it’s not that we are boasting, we are just happy that most of you enjoy the improvements. So let’s go for it! Lab reviews“Love it!” by Ruj1111: I am an artist. I use the artistic effects in this app to get a perspective of the painting I am about to do. It’s very helpful.

“Finally” by Jaftco49: I tried them all couldn’t find what I wanted. Last one. I downloaded it. Haven’t stopped yet. I even had my employees come to the office take there pics (to update there personal file). It what I needed plus a lot more. The reason. I picked it last was the icon. It seem G or PG. something for the kids. I was wrong again, this 49 yr old is having a blast. Thank You

“Five stars” by Davereyindy: My fav app. My friends never know what to expect.

“Love this app” by Christie: Love this app. So many choices. Once you buy the pro version you don’t have to buy anything else. Like many other apps once you buy them you have to continue to purchase more in app upgrades. Not this one. It’s great.

“This app is excellent” by CathRN1957: There’s so many things you can do with this app and it is so much fun for myself and others. I sent almost all my Christmas cards last year via email using it or printed out and mailed, made a lot of people happy. There’s nothing wrong with it and for the price and all it does, it’s one that I will never delete. Thank you all you developers of this app. Please use this review so it will quit asking me to review.

“Mojo66” by Fierypeaches: I’m hooked! I love enhancing photos with this App!! Fun, fun.

“The best app EVER” by Thea H.: This app is really fun. Because first of all it’s Easy, Fun, Awsome… Looks so cool! Just go and get it and tell your friends!!

“Great App!” by Lol1234243: When you hand grampa a 100 dollar bill with his 7 year old grandson’s face on it… He’ll like it more than the real bill!

“Fun, Addicting App!” by I3utterfli: I’ve looked to find an app that will do all the different affects on a picture; and I found it! I didn’t give it 5 stars cause you can’t delete the pictures you load onto.

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