Photo Lab effect icons explained

Hi everyone! Today we’ll give you a couple of ideas on how to make your life not only way more entertaining but also a little easier.

While most of you are enjoying Photo Lab, we’ve noticed that it can sometimes be difficult to figure out which photos to upload to make the most out of an effect or combo you choose. And picking several pictures in a row doesn’t help, does it?

Okay, don’t panic and pay attention to those tiny icons on top of the effects’ and combos’ previews as they are your keys to less stressful editing without a doubt.

Face detection

If you see this icon on photos, you get it right: it’s all about effects for perfect selfies. Pick the effect you like (or maybe more than one, if you’re in the mood for awesome combos), upload your photo of choice and share it in your feed.

Figure/silhouette detection

The same, but different. This algorithm is the best for detecting silhouettes. Be sure to upload your life-size photo for it to do cool digital magic with it. It can detect not only you but everyone around you to apply the selected effect on multiple people.

By the way, whenever the selection area doesn’t look accurate enough to you, there is another icon in the top right corner to better it.

Clothes detection

Dress to impress with the Photo Lab algorithm! This bad boy is great at detecting clothes of any kind so make sure dress fabric is clearly visible and isn’t overlapped with details. Once you’ve made it and the algorithm is all set, you’re ready to shine like a trendsetter you are!

Sky detection

Make outstanding out of average! Pick a scenery pic with clearly visible sky boundaries to drastically transform the surrounding. Once the algorithm has detected the skyline, you can transform it to any time of the day and even add fantastic details such as beautiful auroras and meteor showers.

Hair detection

Want to radically change your hairstyle, but not actually? You have this icon in your armory. It says, upload any pic where your hair is clearly visible and just wait for your friends to be amazed by your bright new looks. Fancy that! 

Animal detection (+ cat detection)

Human’s best friends deserve some fabulousness too, right? We got you! Make your beloved companion a local superstar and don’t forget to search especially for the right icon. We have special algorithms that are guaranteed to detect cats and dogs of any kind and breed. Some effects are compatible only with cats though – just follow the right icon.

Also, make no mistake confusing this icon to Face Detection: even though you love animals more than we can imagine, their muzzles are not similar to human faces for our NN.

Keep in mind!

While we have listed all the primary technologies we use, there is plenty of filters, that use multiple tools simultaneously. In this case, you’ll see multiple icons at the same time, so keep in mind that you’ll need the photo to fit different requirements at once.

Easy enough, huh? As for dessert, pay attention to a little musical note icon: we’ve made some blasting musical effects for you to add even more fun. You can find most of them in the GIF Animation category. 

That’s all for today, our team will keep you updated on some crazy new features we’re constantly working on.

While our algorithms are skilled, they are still quite particular in their “diet” so be sure to feed networks with photos they recognize and enjoy!