Lab for Android has found common ground with Facebook and Instagram!

Have you ever wanted to add extra flair to your Instagram or Facebook photos? Well, you can now! We have taught Lab how to process photos from social networks. You’re now able to have so much fun with them! You could create a new Facebook avatar in a matter of seconds. You could make funny face montages with photos from your friends’ Instagram albums. Oh, and you could get a few more likes for your old photos just by adding a new filter to them 😉

Promo banner showing the new icon of Lab

By the way, do you like the new Lab icon? It’s cute, it’s catchy and it’s just as playful as the old one. So give it a smile back and get down to processing your photos with Lab free or Lab PRO right now!

2 thoughts on “ Lab for Android has found common ground with Facebook and Instagram!”

  1. Hey I remember different scenes… Bought the pro version and I’m missing all the other backdrops I remember …. Where did they go?… Yes the new ones are OK but I wanted the variety. If there’s no add to get all the other ones I don’t think I want this app and will want refund.

  2. Dear Benny,
    We will contact you within several minutes from to specify some details about the missing effects.
    Thank you for informing us about this problem. We’ll do our best to solve this issue as soon as possible.

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