Surreal Photo Montages and Stylish Color Filters: the New Arrivals Await You!

Good news, folks! We are back again with six new photo effects that every fan of photo editing will surely adore. Check the new arrivals that include amusing photo montages and stylish color filters. They are very cool.

New artistic photo effects and surreal photo montages included into free online photo editor called


Surreal Photo Montages

If you are a real optimist and treat everything life brings to you with ease, use the new ‘Through rose-colored glasses’ photo effect to depict your view of life.

Cool photomontage for real optimists with rose-colored glasses Optimistic photo montage with rose-tinted glasses


It looks like the ‘Hands over Face’ has come from another, surreal world. Apply this amusing effect to make an unusual profile pic or a provocative photography.

Imitate the surreal photomontage with transparent hands over face Make a provocative profile pic with Hands over Face photo manipulation


Have you ever noticed how beautiful those dreamy, multicolored reflections on the camera lens are? With the ‘Camera Lens Reflection’ you can easily become a glamorous model and get caught in the lens of a supercool photographer.

Photo montage to place your photo as a reflection in camera lens

Of course you are free to experiment with any photo you like, but this photo effect works best for portraits and close-up photos.

Artistic Photo Effects

With the ‘Vintage Sepia’ effect you can easily add a warm, antique appearance to your photos. This is photo effect is perfect in its simplicity.

Color your photos in sepia with this cool retro filter Add cool sepia effect to your photos


You can also add gentle, delicate colors to your images with the ‘Soft Pink and Blue Light’ effect. Looks enchanting, doesn’t it?

Stylish retro filter with soft pink-blue colors Add gentle coloring to your photos with this soft pink-blue lighting overlay


The “Warm Colors Watercolor” effect will turn your photos into charming watercolors in different shades of warm brown, orange, yellow and purple.

Turn your photo into a stylish watercolor in warm colors Photo-to-watercolor online effect in soft warm colors


That’s it for today. Stay in touch as we are making a lot of new photo effects right now. You can subscribe to our news and tutorials on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or Instagram.

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