A Real Bunch of New Effects on Funny.Pho.to

We have not written about new arrivals on Funny.Pho.to for some time as we were very busy, developing them and bringing you other cool posts, e.g. about easy photo enhancement or design of profile pics for different websites. But now we are here to mend our way and tell you about lots of new amazing effects that wait for you on Funny.Pho.to.

New couple frames, photo frames and artistic effects on Funny.Pho.to


Photo Frames for Upcoming Spring Holidays

1st of April is around the corner! Clown yourself on the Fools’ Day and send a funny greeting cards or a photo prank to all your nearest and dearest.

Use this clown face in hole to make funny pictures for the April Fool's day Make a photo joke for your friends with clown face montage


Another spring holiday is on its way. Easter is coming and we want you to be ready for it. Meet the new ‘Easter Egg’ photo card, adorned with spring flowers and a bird nest made of grass.

Easter photo card with colored egg and spring flowers


Say ‘Goodbye’ to Winter with a New Funny Frame

Winter is over but some of us still have snow outdoors (and for sure, many have a lot of unedited brumal photos). This funny winter frame can give a totally new look to your holiday pics!

Winter photo frame with snow on a wooden board Winter photo frame for snowy photos


Romantic Photo Effects

For all who are in love we’ve designed a number of love frames and effects including this beautiful winter love frame. Give your heart to someone special and be sure that he or she will care about it.

Romantic winter card for those who are in love


Use these cute couple photo frames to make romantic love cards with photos of two of you. Besides, these printable templates create pictures in high resolution, that look good on the majority of screens. That’s why you can use them to make personalized wallpapers!

Couple photo frame and love wallpaper maker Love photo frame for romantic couples


With the next funny photo effect you can send your kisses to your dearest one even over a very long distance and they will reach him for sure. See for yourself!

Use this kisses on face photo maker to create funny pictures for your loved ones Send your kisses all around the globe to your loved one with this free kisses on face photo editor


Try our new artistic effect with words of love that can cover your photo with words of love and adoration, written in different languages. Touchy indeed!

Cover your photo with romantic words of love written in different languages Artistic photo filter that can write words of love on your photo


Let it Blend with Pho.to!

The last but not least comes the ‘Double Exposure’ effect. It allows you to blend two pictures together to create surrealistic images. If you wish you can read our detailed post about Double Exposure photography. Till then, enjoy these blended images below!

Blend two photos and create surrealistic double exposure pics Online double exposure effect is used to blend two images together
Blend two photos to make beautiful double exposure pics


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