Show your inner self with new effects. Are you a pirate, a nun, a native american or a panda?

It seems that too much time has passed since the last What’s new post was published. There are so many new effects to speak about! If you haven’t visited our website for some time do it now and you’ll definitely find new interesting photo effects that are worth your attention.

For example, there are four new face in hole templates, including amazing Human-to-Panda face montage. There is also an updated photo calendar template for year 2015, which can be personalized with your own photos. Two romantic templates, a double photo frame decorated with flowers and a ‘Wedding’ magazine cover, were created for all who are in love and are getting married. A stylish steamed mirror photo effect can help you make cozy pictures of your everyday life. And an unusual photo frame with New York City skyscrapers which lets you turn your photos into billboards on the Times Square.

New photo frames, effects and face in hole templates on photo editor

Сlick on the images if you want to make your own pic with the same effect.

The Steamed Mirror

The Steamed mirror effect can add a special homely atmosphere to your shots. By the way it’s rather hard to make a similar photo at home: miniature water drops in the air will diffuse focus. Besides, a steamed mirror becomes steamy again very soon after you have wiped it.

A steamed mirror photo filter which turns a photo into a mirror reflection This steamed mirror photo effect turned a photo of a spa girl into a mirror reflection


Updated Year 2015 Calendar Templates

New Year 2015 is around the corner and we want you to be ready for it. Right now we are working to bring you lots of new amazing winter effects, and here come the first ones. Meet the updated calendar photo templates: semi transparent and traditional. Make a personalized calendar with your own photos and present it as a surprise to your colleagues and family members.

Make a pocket calendar with two images of your choice. Process a photo with the ‘New Year Frame’ to create a front side of your compact calendar. Than apply a whole year semi-transparent calendar template to a low-detailed photo to make a back side.

A cover for a diy photo calendar 2015 Make personalized pocket calendar with your own photos with this photo effect


You can also make a big calendar with 12 photos for each month and unite them into a personalized yearly calendar. It could be perfect Christmas or New Year gift for your friends or family members (especially those who live far from you like grannies and grandpas).

A diy photo calendar for January 2015 Make personalized photo calendar for year 2015


The Star of Times Square

Now it’s easy to get on those enormously big billboards which adorn the Times Square. Become the star of New York City in two clicks with the new Times Square Broadway Billboards photo frame.

A Times Square photo frame which places your photos on the wall of huge New York skyscrapers


Falling in Love?

For all loved and loving ones we created this ‘Romantic Gifts Double Frame’. It lets you make a gentle love card with your photos and supply it with a romantic caption. Please, note that currently you can use photos with album orientation only.

A love photo card that lets you unite two images in one romantic picture


Getting Married?

Are you going to get married or to celebrate the anniversary of your happy joint life? Make a special picture where you and your spouse are the new cover people of the ‘Wedding’ magazine and send it to your friends as a part of a dinner invitation. Because you deserve it!

A fake Wedding magazine cover for all newlyweds A fake Wedding magazine cover is used to make an anniversary greeting card


Turn yourself into a Nun, a Pirate, a Native American or… into a Panda!

Who said that you need magic to perform metamorphoses? Definitely you don’t if we speak about photography! Instead, use the new face photo montages on

Want to put on a costume of a pious nun or a joyful pirate of the Caribbean? Here they are!

A nun face photo montage for girls who'd like to put on a cowl Become a joyful pirate with this face in hole effect

Both girls and boys can try on a native indian costume, a war bonnet and an indian face paint with the help of our new face photo montage called ‘Native American’.

Become an Native American princess with this Indian face in hole template Become a native Indian chief with this face in hole photo effect

Though the fun doesn’t stop here. The new human-to-animal montage can turn you into a charming panda. So cute, isn’t it?

Human to panda face photo montage makes you look so cute!


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