New Color & Stylized Effects, Magazine Covers and Flags on

New marvelous arrivals wait for you on! Express your creativity and edit photos from autumn photo shoots with our new photo templates. Here you’ll find a brief review of new effects and a few ideas on serial photo editing, when two or three effects are applied one-by-one to make a real masterpiece.

New photo effects, templates and frames on free photo editing online tool



Mysterious Blue

This charming effect imitates the mysterious lighting from horror movies and rather reminds of deep water lighting. Use the effect to imitate a blue disco lighting on underground parties or to add a touch of mysticism to your photos. You can also apply it to your snorkeling photos to imitate a deep underwater view.

A blue lighting photo effect which imitates the disco lighting from underground parties A mysterious blue glow lighting effect for digital photos
A blue lighting effect which imitates deep water lighting


Catch The Rainbow

If you want to shoot a rainbow, it’s as easy as a pie! Choose a portrait or landscape photo and edit it with the Rainbow effect. It’ll add a colorful rainbow to your shots!

Add rainbow to photos Place rainbow to landscape and portrait photos
A rainbow was added to a portrait photo of little photographer


New Magazine Covers

New magazine covers have arrived! We have two marvelous templates for dedicated tourists and loving parents.

Starting from now the little ones can become stars of famous magazines together with their parents. Meet the new Parents Magazine cover for little angels! As with our previous covers, you can add it to photos of different formats and orientation – the smart cover template will place them in the best possible way.

Fake magazine cover of the Parents magazine A magazine cover template for Parents and their kidsPlace your photo to a fake magazine cover of Parents magazine
Album and landscape orientation of the picture + bonus square format

The National Geographic is a fascinating magazine and that’s why we are proud to show you our new fake cover which lets you become the cover person of the magazine. You can also use your landscape photos to make a fake cover that deserves to be published in real National Geographic!

Fake magazine cover of the National Geographic magazine A magazine cover template of National Geographic for travel photographersPlace your photo to a fake magazine cover of National Geographic magazine



Meet New Face Painting Effects!

Two new flags are ready for all sport fans from Pakistan and Argentina! Now even those who have no make up skills at all can express their love to their homeland and publish a cheerful portrait photo with flags face painting.

A patriotic face painting with Argentina flag A virtual face painting with a flag of Pakistan
The virtual face paintings with flags of Argentina and Pakistan


A Photo Editing Chain with Several Effects

Want to make a serial photo editing with new effects? We have an idea for you to try!

If you want to become a star of National Geographic magazine we have a secret recipe for you to try. But keep it between you and us, at least until you’ll follow all the steps and amaze your friends and subscribers!

First of all, choose a portrait photo and edit it with the Tiger face in hole effect (or any other animal template). After that you’ll need a background that suits the tigers place of habitant. Creating this fake cover we applied the Sunny Field template. When the background is added, you get an unusual photo that deserves to be placed on a National Geographic magazine cover!

A fake National geographic cover with human to tiger face montage A fake National Geographic cover with a human to animal photo montage placed as a cover photo

The second photo montage was made in the similar way. We used such effects, as the Koala face montage effect, the Flower Dream background, and the National Geographic magazine cover.
That’s about does it. Waiting for your photos here or on our Facebook page. Let’s edit photos with fun!

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  1. Love your Style Effects. However I LOVE the background effects. One problem though- I have a great picture but when I used the background effect the “light bokeh” and it keeps cutting off my picture on the right side. Any help on that?

  2. Dear Mary, thank you for your feedback! This effect does change the size of your photo and cuts it, so our advice is to crop your photo before applying the “Light Bokeh” effect to it.

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