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New Effect Previews at Funny.Pho.to

Remember we asked you to help us choose a new Funny.Pho.to model?

As you might have noticed, the Funny.Pho.to service now sports new swanky effect previews! So, what’s new?
1. Our ex-model, Britney Spears, has gone. Now all effect previews have a new model girl on them! Good bye, Britney! :)

2. A number of effect previews (those from Painting and Drawing Effects and Fancy Photo Filters sections) now have landscape pictures on them. So the effects pictures look more understandable and demonstrative now!

3. We have introduced a new male model to some of the previews (e.g. previews for multiple photo effects and Monster Effects). Do you like him? 😉

As you see, we did our best to make effect previews still more understandable and attractive. So we hope you will enjoy using Funny.Pho.to even more now!

12 Responses for New Effect Previews at Funny.Pho.to

  1. analyn ragus says:

    Helo to all!!!nice,how to make my photos like that

  2. analyn ragus says:

    Funny pho.to,wow nice and hope im enjoy to use ur funny pho.to

  3. Rebeeca says:

    I love making my pictures gorgeous with funny.pho.to

  4. cc p says:

    i like this effects

  5. Acha Nay Cha says:

    I like this funny.pho.to

  6. carina katigbak says:

    i want this application pls help me to apply this funny photo.thanks

  7. Help me make my photos like that really love your photofun pix.

  8. Lionel says:

    Funny.pho.to is an awesome website. Just want to thank the administrator for making such a wonderful website.

  9. dima says:

    не работает!

  10. Those are pretty cool effects.

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