New App is Out: Create Picture Collages with Photo Collada

Do you know how it feels to bring out a new app? For us it was a long-lost feeling, for we hadn’t released anything for quite a while. Now we know. We know, that it’s frightful and risky, because you can never predict what you end up with. But at the same time we are full of expectations, excitement, satisfaction and pride. Because we like what we see. That’s why we are absolutely thrilled to introduce our new collage making app – Photo Collada. And though at the moment it’s only available to Android users, we recommend that iPhone and iPad owners read this post too. Since the version for iOS is already on the way. 😉

Photo Collada is your new mobile companion, good at combining photos into both ordinary and quite unusual collages. From the very beginning we saw this app as your powerful and easy-to-use photo cocktail blender, so we had no choice but to name it after popular tropical cocktail – Pina Colada. With some alterations of course. That’s in case you would want to know how we decided on the name.

Photo Collada comes with a number of grids and layouts for any number of photos and different aspect ratios. And choosing the right one will be your first step to creating a collage. We should say, that it’s not the easiest part, as most often more than one design will appeal to you.

Have you made your choice? Then we are good to proceed to the next step and learn how you can edit and adjust the collage.

The first thing you will probably want to do is to work on the grid itself and photos you’ve added. And you are very welcome! Drag inner borders to give more space to the photo you see as the main in your composition. To tweak the position or edit any photo, tap on it and use toolbar in the bottom to rotate, flip or replace it. Zoom photos in and out using common multi-touch gestures.

And here’s what you can do with the help of two buttons in the bottom of the “Edit Collage” screen:

  • The first (on the left) is a background switcher. The default background color of any collage is white, but you can pick another solid color or one of the fancy and thematic patterns from our collection.
  • On the right you will find borders and edges adjustment sliders. Use them to make borders wider or narrower, round the corners or drop shadow.

All set and done? Next goes our favorite part – decoration. We love it the most, because with tools in Photo Collada you have no constraints. Just hit ‘+’ button when you are ready to add something extra and go with your imagination flow.

‘T’ is for text, so if you have something to say chose the corresponding button and type it in. Then pick the style, font and color and play with opacity if needed.

Not in the mood for text? Let stickers speak on your behalf then. This mobile collage maker offers lots of them, grouped by event, theme, purpose or style. There are pics specially designed for Birthday or Halloween, associated with love, music, food and more. See for yourself and love them all too.

By the way every sticker can be edited to fit your photo best. So feel free to resize, rotate (even in 3D), change opacity and flip (both vertically and horizontally).

Find your collage just fine? Then it’s time for sharing! Send it to your favourite social networks or to your friends by email or in a message. Or just keep it for yourself by saving to Gallery.

Hope we’ve been able to persuade you to give Photo Collada a go on your Android device with this small review. So if you are ready to choose your first layout, go to Google Play, get the app and enjoy the process:
And we’ll be sitting here in case you will need help, submit a bug, come up with advice or just drop by to say Thanks.

Stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “New App is Out: Create Picture Collages with Photo Collada”

  1. How do I save the photos to my phone, gallery once I’ve finished my collage.. I can send them, but having issues figuring out how to save.

  2. Dear Wendy, which OS are you using iOS or Android? When you get the result, you can see the square int the right upper corner. Touch the square and find ‘Save to Gallery’ option, make sure the app has access to your gallery. Thanks for using our app and if you have more questions, please, e-mail us to!

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