Meet amazing full-bodied cartoons from Photo Lab!

Summer is finally here! If you didn’t get your body ready for summer, don’t worry! Photo Lab is here to offer you something really awesome 😎 Our much loved cartoon and vector portraits have now become even more fun, unique and… full-bodied 🕺

Meet matching body styles to be used with your favorite cartoons! As always, they look hand-drawn and totally toon-tastic! Feel free to scroll through Photo Lab Feed and play around with different combos to create your unique results in a variety of styles!

Quick tip: click on any picture below to apply the same combo to your photo.

Needless to say, these fancy portraits will make perfect user pictures. You will really stand out on your social media!

Let them tell your story or use them to update your status. Why not choose a combo that will tell your followers about your hobbies or achievements, or select one showing your travel experiences or favorite activities?

But creativity doesn’t stop here! If you want even more, you can go further and add on effects from other Photo Lab categories like frames, animations, face photo props, stylized effects and more!

Aaand what about some body positive humor? Click on the pictures below to create your own body positive memes (and remember to love yourself in any shape!) 🥰