Love fantasies coming true with AI-driven cupid

Although Valentine’s Day is over, it’s never too late to love, be loved and dream about love. 🥰 After all, love is all you need, and nothing is impossible when our smart AI gets involved! 😎 Quite unpredictably, it has been in a playful mood lately and is ready to amaze you once again!

Welcome – a fully AI-driven web service that will make your love fantasies come true. Artificial Intelligence will serve as your personal cupid and create the most unimaginable and unpredictable love story you could ever wish for!

How you can make fun at

  • Become a couple with anyone you want!

Confide your secret love fantasies to AI: upload 1️ your selfie and 2️ a picture of your crush (whether it is someone you know in real life or a fictional character), and magic will not be long in coming! Once you’ve uploaded the photos, you’ll get dozens of beautiful AI-designed pictures of you two as a romantic couple. Only Cupid knows where AI will take you for your imaginary date – to Provence’s lavender fields, into romance-filled Venice, onto a skyscraper roof or to a virgin beach. 😍

  • Try on the role of a virtual matchmaker

Have you ever fantasized about two people being in a relationship? Now you can make a romantic couple out of literally anybody! “Ship” any two people and see how AI portrays their romantic relationship.

  • Go on a dream date with a celebrity!

Crushed on a celebrity? Well, it doesn’t hurt to dream. 😆 Nearly all of us have fantasized about going on a date with an A-lister. You know what to do now: upload your selfie and a picture of yourHollywood crush and… as we’ve said before – nothing is impossible! 🙌

  • Make a romantic e-card for your soulmate

Last but not least, this option can always come in handy – not only on Valentine’s day. Use this creatively different way to tell your sweetheart you love them, because every day is good enough to celebrate love and relationship. 💞 As we’ve said before, AI can take your couple to all types of scenes and places, both fantastic and realistic. Quite surprisingly, it can also generate a picture of your wedding day (whether you are ready for ‘happily ever after’ or not 😆) Who knows, maybe it will be a good idea for you two? 🙈