Look who’s wearing Photo Lab effects!

Celebs are just like us. They love to have fun, hang out on Instagram and play with cool photo effects (if they are SUPER DUPER cool, of course 😎). And we have some proofs for that.   

We’ve discovered recently that Will Smith (@willsmith) is sporting a cool new profile picture in his Instagram and Facebook accounts. Conspicuously, he made it with the help of the See The Good effect in Photo Lab. What can we say? It is quite clear that apart from his immense acting talent and charismatic personality, he can surely see the good! 😜

Courtney Love (@courtneylove), the grunge style icon, congratulated Gwyneth Paltrow (@gwynethpaltrow) on her birthday with a beautifully edited picture:

And again, we cannot keep the secret. The photo was edited with this Photo Lab combo.

A word to the wise: whenever you want to congratulate your BFF on a birthday / engagement / passing his or her driving test or just give pleasure to somebody you know, feel free to use one of these beautiful Photo Lab combos to edit their picture. Very probably, you will make their day 🤩

Happy Birthday greetings! Happy engagement greeting card Beautiful greeting card

And last but not least (because the sweetest things should be served for dessert 😍) is this picture from R&B singer Chris Brown (@chrisbrownofficial). He posted this beautifully edited picture of his adorable baby boy Aeko Catori, with the words “The UNIVERSE inside you” 🌌 🥰

If you are also ready to take a journey to your inner universe, go ahead and edit your selfie with this jaw-dropping effect

Anyway, whether you are a celebrity or not, we LOVE your Photo Lab edits! So feel free to post them on your social media and share them in Photo Lab feed. 🙌 Also, if you know other Photo Lab’ers among celebrities, please share them with us!