An AI trend that made our users look hot and took us to the top! 🔥🚀

Active lifestyle full of sport and exercise is all the trend now. And it’s funny how it affected trends inside the Photo Lab and ToonMe apps. We are talking about the ‘Hot Body’ trend, which was totally inspired by our users!

So, let’s get back to how it all started. Back in May we launched the Barbify feature in ToonMe and Photo Lab. The tab contained AI-driven toony filters that made people look immaculately cute and doll-like. However, some people started using the filters in their own way 😆

Our users from India and Pakistan deployed the AI powers to transform them into an even fitter and sexier version of themselves. Our Feed abounded in photos of athletic guys with naked torsos and head-turning six-pack abs. The trend made the app go viral again, and ToonMe hit #1 Overall both in India and Pakistan.

This ‘hot body’ trend was quickly caught up by other countries, such as Brasil, China, Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia, Egypt, Algeria, Sri Lanka and Iraq. 

Yep, we all want to look fitter, sexier and hotter – at least in photos that we share on social media. 😆 So, finally we ended up redesigning the ‘Barbify’ tab into the ‘Hot Body’ tab, since our users liked the idea so much! Although we admit that ‘Hot Body’ filters are probably not the best way to get your six-pack (but definitely the fastest!), it’s still a good idea to have fun with your photos, spice them up or reveal your hotter side!

And finally, let us remind you of one thing. No matter how much we are influenced by modern beauty standards, there are just two steps that are necessary to get your beach body ready: 1) have a body; 2) go to the beach. 😇