How It Has Been for Photo Lab Up to This Moment

(Post updated on March 18, 2022)

You know how passionate and enthusiastic we get when it comes to technologies in photo editing. We have delivered quite a number of AI-driven algorithms, many of which appeared in Photo Lab before they did in any other app. What a magical feeling. ☺️

In 2020 this effect got us our first ever #1 overall positions in major countries like Bangladesh, Egypt, Nepal, Pakistan, and Yemen. We are glad you liked them!

Just a few months ago, in 2021, our new “Even Better Than The Real” effect went viral and brought us to the top in almost the entire African Continent: we have recently “conquered” Kenya, Nigeria, MaliNigerGabonBurkina FasoBeninSenegalMauritania, and other countries.

And in 2022 we have already gained Top #1 positions in lots of new places, including Dominican RepublicGhana, South Africa, Belize, Dominica, GeorgiaKenya, São Tomé and Príncipe, Solomon Islands, Suriname, Tonga, and Ukraine.

We believe that with our new technologies in development this year is likely to bring even more successes to our list. 

And of course, we thank you, our beloved users, for your support and loyalty that make it all possible year after year.