Top 20 Photo Templates for Father’s Day Greeting E-Card

Father’s day is near at hand. Many of us are already looking for a good gift, planning holiday activities and family dinners. But what to do if you live far away from your parents? Call them, of course, share your warmest wishes with your dad, send him a present… and send an electronic greeting card as well.
By the way, publishing a greeting card on his wall on Facebook is a good idea at all rates, even if you live with your parents in one house: you’ll express your attention and care spending little to none efforts: making a personalized e-card for Father’s day won’t take much time. We’ll help you make a splendid card as we know well how to do it.

Father and son fishing

Traditional “I love you Dad” Greeting cards

You can use your own photo as the base for a greeting card. Nothing gladdens us more than happy faces of dearest people. For example, the ”Felt Tip Drawing” effect will turn your photo into a stylish sketch that looks just as well as a professional greeting card. If you have any cosplay photo you can choose an effect to frame it right as we made with this cowboy-style portrait of a little boy. The template is called “Cowboy Frame”.

A coloured sketch of a boy who is very excitedA small boy in cowboy costume congratulates us on Father's day

Do not forget to use the “Text” option which lets you add captions to your collages! E.g.:

Adding caption to photo collage

Make a collage of your joint photos to express shared feelings of unity and solidarity.

Father and son sit wearing T-Shirts with captions: GeekFather and son at football championship


Greeting Cards for Dads – Fans of Fantastics Fiction

Dads have their own little ways. Some of them like to play PC games, e.g. Star Craft or Need for Speed, others watch movies based on Marvels comics with the same enthusiasm, as you do. We have several effects for dads who are crazy about fantastic stories.

Father who likes to play StarCraftFather's photo edited as if he were an Ironman
Father from Matrix: photo edited in binary code styleFather's photo edited as if he were an Apocalypse survival


Greeting Cards for Dads with Good Sense of Humour

If you have a dad with a good sense of humour than you are lucky! Nevertheless, you’ll have to think twice to concoct a greeting card that is worth his salt. We offer you a few options to choose from.

A humorous greeting card for Father's Day: under the xraysA humorous greeting card for Father's Day: how big is his heart
A funny portrait of a father placed into a stylish steampunk photoframe

Do not forget to check other templates at They are funny indeed, right as the site name says!

Greeting Cards For Sporty Dads and Avid Tourists

If your dad likes to travel, goes crazy about cars and bikes or is an avid fan of any kind of sport, you’ll surely find a template that reflects this feature of his character. Below are just a few variants to browse through.

Using a Ferrari template to add father's face to the car as aerography
Father's face is placed instead of face of a motocyclerAged father is driving a bike, photo framed with stylish motobike frame
Father's day e-card with father's photo framed with Olympic symbolsFather's Day e-card with father's face place on board of a zeppeline
Father's day greeting card template in sea style


E-Cards For Intelligent Daddies

Is your daddy a big boss, great scientists, photography guru or famous puzzle solver? You can accentuate any of these features using our photo templates and tell him that you highly appreciate his talents as well as his soul and inner world.

Father's day e-card with father being shown as an astronautWhen my father is a photographer
When my father likes to solve puzzles

We hope that you find the way to make a wonderful surprise for your dad and have a warm and cheerful Father’s Day. Good luck!

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