Easter is Coming. Make Cool Greeting Cards and Learn Some Funny Facts about Easter!

A photo of chicken eggs framed with beautiful Easter bird template
These holiday photo frame, called ‘Spring Birds Songs’ symbolizes a new life and a new beginning, often associated with Easter time

Did you know, that…

  • 120 mln cards are sent, given or exchanged on Easter in USA.
  • There is no Easter Bunny in Sweden. Instead, their kids wait for Easter Wizard to come!
  • 60 000 year old decorated Ostrich eggs were found in Africa!
  • Easter and Halloween are holidays that people with sweet tooth like best of all as on these days US people eat the most candies.
  • People started cooking chocolate Easter eggs in early 1900s. Before that everybody used to eat ordinary chicken eggs (although painted).
  • The most widespread Easter symbols are: the Cross, Eggs, Rabbits, Easter flowers (tulips and trumpet lilies), Baskets, Nests, springtime and Simnel cake.
  • Households in America spend $131 on Easter each year, $14.7 billion in total.
  • 76% of people eat ears on chocolate bunnies first. What about you?
  • There are a lot of Easter photo frames and cards on Funny.Pho.to?


Making Personalized Easter Greeting Cards is Easy!

You can make a number of personalized Easter greeting cards with the help of easy photo templates at Funny.pho.to. There is a great variety of Easter-themed photo effects to choose from. You can not only make an e-card, but also print your Easter pictures and present them to your dear ones. Just try some of them right now!

A girl showing hands covered with paint A photo of a girl who is standing with a basket of painted eggs in a frame

An Easter greeting card showing holiday still-life A kind Easter rabbit with a human face

When you are done with your cards, be sure to send one to your granny who is cooking sweets to treat you on this family holiday.

A vintage Easter card presented to granny A beautiful greeting card with flowers for granny


Spring Photo Effects for Easter Greeting Cards

Easter is a spring holiday that symbolizes a new beginning and a new life. Spring collages can make up a bright part of your holiday photo album. You can also add an edited photo to a basket with painted eggs and holiday sweets, which has been cooked for traditional exchange between relatives.

A girl wearing beautiful wreath of spring flowers A girl holding cat, photo is framed  with spring photo template

A girl wearing beautiful wreath of spring flowers A little girl with painted cheeks looks smilling


Use Our Easter Frames and Effects to Adorn Kids Photos: It’s Funny!

Children like Easter and associated activities: painting on eggs (and on their clothes and faces at the same time), eating jelly beans, chocolate eggs and Marshmallow Peeps, and, obviously, they adore eggs hunting! Edit your kids Easter photos with our fun photo frames .

A boy holding a painted egg in the garden Children, showing baskets with eggs after Easter egg hunt

Girl with Easter eggs smiles


Turn you Easter Photo into a Sketchy Greeting Card or Apply Fancy Filters

You can also use our drawing photo filters and send beautiful sketch-like photos to your friends and family members as an electronic card.

Easter eggs in a basket edited as if a drawn sketch Turning a photo into a sketchy greeting card for Easter and other holidays

Turning an Easter photo into a scheme for cross stitch embroidery Turning a photo into a beautiful mosaic greeting card


A Few Ideas on Decorating Easter Eggs

There are so many cool ways to decorate Easter eggs… Here are just a few of them.

Ideas on Easter eggs decorating What to paint on eggs

Decorating Easter eggs Adding leaf pattern to eggs

Eggs with bunny patter in a basket Funny Easter eggs painted easily


When Easter Eggs Hatch…

When Easter eggs hatch colorful chicken arrive

Lets play the true or false game!

  • When Easter eggs hatch, the chicken arrive with colored feathers.
  • Eggs contain nearly every nutrient known, which is essential to human beings.
  • Chocolate eggs contain everything, what a child needs to feel happy on Easter (except for love and care, of course).
  • There are more chicken in the world than any other bird species.

And a bonus question…

  • Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

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