Fantastic Photo Effects: The Gravity of Other Worlds and Planets

A child, sleeping deep inside of our mind, wakes up when we tell a mysterious story, read a science fiction novel, or watch another super-realistic movie about epic battles among remote stars. The secret charm of fantastic plots has inspired bards, artists, and writers for ages, bringing us captivating mythical stories, surrealistic fanciful paintings, and great books.

Photo frames, effects and face in hole templates in fantasy, faery and science fiction style on online photo editor


If you like fairy tales, fantasy stories, science fiction, and modern cinema about superheroes, this post is for you. Here we’ve gathered a number of magical photo frames, surrealistic photo templates, and heroic face montages. Click the image with a photo effect to make a similar one, but with your own photo!

When Myths and Fantasies Come into Reality

Mermaids and dragons are real and we have these photos to prove it! Make your own photo montages to surprise your friends and bring them the news.

A fantasy style photo frame where a portrait photo lies underwater surrounded by mermaids Become a princess jailed with a golden dragon with this fantasy style dragon photo frame


Have you ever dreamt of becoming a magical creature? It’s easy to do it right now. Instantly turn yourself into a resident of a magical valley or become an incarnation of flowered Mother Earth.

Magical photo frame with green nature is added to a photo of a little cute girl Put on the flowered wreath of Mother Earth with this face in hole template


Do you like ancient Greek legends? Than make a face montage where you look like a tree nymph or the supreme god of all, Zeus.

Turn yourself into a faery nymph with this amazing face in hole Put your face in hole and become Zeus, the Greek god


For those who want to make a really complicated photo montage, we offer the use of two photo templates together. Change your face to add a bogey touch to it and place it into a new fantastic surrounding – and no Photoshop required to do all of this!

Turn yourself into a vampire, the master of all night creatures. Add the bat photo frame to make your image funnier and more unusual!

Turn yourself into a vampire with this funny photo transformation Add a bat photo frame to your vampirized photo to make it even more vampirish


Become a queen from a remote galaxy with the ‘Crown’ and ‘Among the Stars’ photo templates.

Put on the king's crown with this free online sticker Become the resident of a remote galaxy and place your portrait among the stars


Time Travel to the Middle Ages

Those who like stories about knights and princesses, thickened plots, tales of honor, treason and eternal love should pay attention to these three photo templates. With these you can become a lifelong sweetheart of a romantic knight or acquire a fairy castle.

Make a romantic love card where you are a knight holding a portrait of his beloved one painted on the battle shield Become an owner of a magical castle with this faery photo frame


Boys will like this face-in-hole template that can turn any guy into an armed warrior, defending a powerful fortress.

Become a medieval knight in full armor protecting his castle with this warrior face in hole photo template


Go Steampunk with

The charm of steampunk style is inevitable, especially in visual art. Stylized airships, flying high in the sky in soft light and amazing costumes decorated with mechanical details are distinct features of the trend.

Get on a poster flying high in the sky on a zeppelin with this unusual steampunk photo frame


Modern accessories like tablets and mobile phones are often found in steampunk outfits, after being modified to give them the appearance of Victorian-made objects.

Use this steampunk photo frame which imitates a stylized iPad screen to make your photos even more interesting Steampunk photo frame to spice your charismatic photos


Science Fiction Photo Effects

Have you ever wondered if a space suit would look good on you, or wanted to walk on the ground of a post-apocalyptic world? You can do it right now (even if only in photos)!

Become an astronaut in space suit with this face in hole template Use this hero of apocalypse template to turn yourself into a stalker post-apocalyptic world (in photos, of course)


With these two photo effects you can turn yourself into a big-eyed alien and draw your portrait on a crop field. It’s funny, isn’t it?

Turn yourself into an alien with this funny photo editor Make an UFO to draw you portrait on a crop field with this realistic photo montage


Do you feel fire inside? If yes, try the role of a black eyed-demon that looks as if it leaped from the pages of Supernatural script. Add a fire photo background to make your demonic photo even creepier!

Become a dark-eyed demon with this face transformation effect Add a fire photo frame to your demonic photo


Not a fan of demons from hell? Than you can choose the Lizard transformation! Place your photo into a Steamed Mirror photo template to hide your clothes and background that don’t suit the idea of your image.

Become a homo-reptile from Doctor Who with this face transformation photo template Turn yourself into a lizard man and add a steamed mirror effect to photo


Magical Photo Frames and Face Montages with Superhero and Cinema Characters

We have sweet photo frames for those who prefer kind magical stories. Kids will surely like them, as well as their parents!

Use this fairy treasure photo frame with your kids' photos Become a genie from magical lamp with this Aladdin's wonderful lamp photo montage


If you like superheroes, fantastic races, and tussle loom taking place among the stars you’ll like these face photo montages! With them you can become a character from Star Wars, drive a bike from the Tron movie or turn yourself into a Navi from Avatar.

Drive a bike from the Tron movie with this face in hole photo montage' photos Turn yourself into a blue-skinned Navi, character from Avatar movie


You can also make a stunning profile picture where you look like Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Use this pirate face in hole to become a joyful Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean


That’s it for today. Follow us on this blog, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram so as not to miss other interesting stories we’re working on right now. May the force of photo editing be with you!

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