Meet New Arrivals from Users!

It’s amazing to see the photos you make with services. Here is another series of images, taken and edited by users. Among other things, this pick of photos includes awesome costume images and cool cartoon works, made with

Photos taken by fans of mobile photo editor and edited with funny photo effects

We added links to services and photo effects to each picture in the post. Just click on the images if you want to make your own pic with the same effect.

Cool Photos with Unusual Frames

Vintage photo frame is added to a cosplay photo of young Asian singer Traditional photo frame is added to a cosplay photo of female Asian singer

Credit to: @smrs_uni

Wanted poster template was added to a photo of young attractive girl Unusual Christmas frame with cinnamon, apples and fir tree twig is added to a photo of an aged attractive woman

Credit to: @AngelaFresitaa and @lolilarisuegna

Make Me Famous

Get on the bestseller book cover with this unusual photo frame Get on the fake magazine cover Vogue with this unusual photo frame

Credit to: @cheyenne_cf and @schumschum1

All You Need Is… Music!

Love music photo card made with Misty Provencher's album covers from the Crossed Bared series

Credit to: @mistyprovencher

“Photo into Art” Works

Photo of a little boy is turned into a graphite pencil sketch A landscape photo is turned into fine water color drawing

Credit to: @scenesfromrome

Photo of a young guy is turned into a pencil sketch

Credit to: @SparkleyJane

“Cartoon Me” Pictures Made with

Photo of a child cartoonized online Photo of a sexy girl is turned into an attractive cartoon female character

Credit to: @BirdWatch_r and @mcuatecontzi


Turn yourself into a Superman with this superhero template

Credit to: @lerire_jaunecool

Funny .gifs

An animated picture with dog being framed by a loving heart A funny picture where flying bats carry a picture of Halloween pug dog

Credit to: @Bunny_daPug and @UrgentPart2

Make an animated old style photo album to unite best photos from your love story together

Credit to: @AinoaHerrera

Amazing Face Photo Montages

Photo of a kid wearing a space suit made with astronaut photo template A human to animal photo montage lets a guy to be turned into a humanoid hamster

Credit to: @kuzya68 and @blazexinferno
That’s it for today. We’d like to say “thank you, guys!” as these photos were really awesome! Keep images coming and we’ll publish them with pleasure. Just share your pics on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and add the hashtag.

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