New Gorgeous Photos from Lab Users

We are proud to have so many Photo Lab fans with great sense of humor, who make a lot of cool and funny pictures every day. That’s why our team wants to say ‘Thank you, guys!’ and share another series of amazing photos taken and edited by users of apps and services.

Funny pictures, photo montages and ecards created by Photo Lab users


You can also install Photo Lab for iOS and Android, and start making your own masterpieces. It’s completely free!

Cute, Funny and Artistic

These four cheerful images are really nice, touchy and sincere, and we do love them.

Funny selfie of three charming girls edited with artistic oil painting effect A beautiful view with an old building turned into an oil painting
Photo of a loving couple placed on a wall with graffiti photo effect A photo of a cute baby is turned onto an aged shot


It’s All About… Cups

Recently we’ve found a very interesting Instagram account devoted mostly to photos of tea and coffee cups. A number of pictures is edited with different artistic effects, including some from Photo Lab. Look at this marvelous collection… maybe, even Mad Hatter would feel jealous of it!

Artistic photo effects were used to design this collection of tea cups photo


Friendship, Family and Good Mood

As you can see below, it’s easy to spread the cheerful moments using just photos. Come around, these sweet pics are filled with love and high spirits.

Photo frame with roses used to design a funny greeting photo card A fake National geographic cover used to make this amusing photo montage
Photo montage with a baby photo and iPhone Create love photo cards with this romantic spring frame


Bright, Colorful and Funny

These colorful photo effects and funny stickers will certainly make you smile!

Apply clown look with free clown face montage Zodiac photo frame with Cancer sign
Free online fireman face photo montage Place your photo into a Wanted poster frame online and for free
Add funny stickers online and for free Put on a Russian snow maiden's headwear
By @mb1868 and @InstaPenza


That’s it for today. If you’d like to see your images in one of our photo picks, just share them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and add the #photolab hashtag. We’ll surely see them and repost the best ones!