Meet the ‘Drawing vs Photography’ Artistic Illusions on

Ingenious blendings of photos and drawings, created by the Belgium artist Ben Heine, inspired us to design our own series of photo effects in the ‘Drawing vs Photography’ style.

Artistic photo manipulations in Pencil vs Reality style on free photo editor


Sometimes a photo is not enough to express the mood and idea of an image in your head. This is when an artistic touch may become necessary. Our new effects turn part of a photo into a sketch or drawing, showing how art emerges from reality. Each template demonstrates different drawing tools, each of them with its own mood and surrounding. Thereby, you can choose and apply effects following your mood and virtu.

For example, if you want to express a warm and cozy feeling, give a try to the ‘Pastel Drawing vs Photography’ or ‘Photography vs Watercolor’ effects. Which of them do you like more?

Photo to pastel drawing: artistic photo manipulation Watercolor part of your photo to transform a pic into an artistic image


Back from a hot disco party? Reveal the burning spirit of those crazy hours with the ‘Burning Sketch’ photo effect.

Don't hide your emotion: set them on fire with the burning sketch effect Photo to burning sketch effect to make tough and blazing art


The ‘Pencil vs Camera’ effect has clicked with car owners on Instagram. Photos of their tough autos and motorbikes looked even better with this effect applied. But we think, that the new ‘Ballpoint Pen Drawing vs Photography’ effect also does a good job with bikes photos, doesn’t it?

Car vs. reality effect - new artistic trend Turn part of a photo into a stylish ballpoint drawing


Though art is inspired by the real world, it can also open a surreal way out for every attentive viewer. This idea is vividly illustrated by the ‘Torn Color Pencil Sketch’ and ‘Photography in Drawing’ effects.

Art can reveal memories. Make vivid illustrations of your life with these artistic effects Art is just a reflection of the real world. Photography in drawing effect shows it perfectly


The ‘Photo to Sketch in iPad’ effect is the newest in our collection of artistic photo illusions. Don’t you think that this blending of art and technology looks familiar and intriguing simultaneously?

Make artistic photo manipulation that blends reality and drawing on an iPad screen


As all other effects in this series, the iPad sketch effect shows the artist’s hands together with the whole picture. This method creates the first-person narration effect and lets viewers look at the picture with the artist’s eyes. Do you like this detail?

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