Christmas and New Year Fun Continues Non-Stop with Frames, Backgrounds and Effects

Friends, we know that many of you are already in the middle of a holiday search quest, looking for Christmas gifts and cards for your friends and family members. Nobody but you can choose an ideal present, but we are ready to help you with the other part: making the perfect holiday card. In this post, there are more than 30 ideas on how to create a beautiful holiday picture, a greeting card or a festive calendar. Click the image with a photo effect to make a similar one, but with your own photo and text wishes!

Christmas photo frames with fir trees, gifts, toys, lights and other holiday adornments


Holiday Calendar for the New Year: 2015

Make a pocket calendar with your own photos, put it in your wallet and carry images of your dearest close at hand.

Make a cover for a pocket calendar with this New Year 2015 photo frame Make a pocket photo calendar for the upcoming year 2015


You can also make a personalized calendar and give it as a gift to family members who live far away and miss you, like grannies and grandpas.

Make a unique calendar personalized with your own photos Make a flip photo calendar for the upcoming year 2015


Christmas Photo Backgrounds, Filters and Effects

It’s time to elevate the holiday spirit! Add romantic snow backgrounds to your winter photos to make them look stylish and magical.

Add winter photo background to photo Apply winter photo background with holiday snowflakes to photo

These winter photo backgrounds can also hide unsuitable details on the edges of your photo.

Add the ‘Blue Snow Bokeh’ photo effect to turn your photo into a romantic image in which light is aesthetically blurred in a way that is pleasing to the eye and that enhances the winter wonderland atmosphere. If you want to accentuate the holiday spirit of your photos, add the ‘Christmas Bokeh’ effect and enjoy how beautifully it complements your images, thanks to an artistic combination of colorful bokeh bubbles and the almost completely transparent texture of fir branches.

Add blue bokeh lights background to holiday photos Add christmas bokeh background to holiday photos

If you have not yet managed to take a beautiful portrait shot in which snow falls all around, use the ‘Snow effect’ instead! You can choose between two types of the effect: snow bokeh and realistic snowflakes.

Add the snow effect to winter pics online Add the snow bokeh photo effect to winter photos online


To render a humorous pic, create a gif image with animated snowfall!

Turn your winter photos into funny .gif pics by adding the falling snow animation


Traditional Christmas Photo Frames

Here you can see our traditional Christmas photo frames, decorated with fir tree branches, Christmas gifts, lights, candies and toys. Beautiful, aren’t they?

Christmas photo frames with fir trees, gifts, toys, lights and other holiday adornments

Here are: ‘Christmas Frame‘, ‘Christmas Presents Frame‘, ‘Smell of Fir Needles‘ and ‘Fireworks Frame‘.

Make Festive E-Cards with Realistic Christmas Collages holiday effects can render your images into completely new surroundings. Make unusual Christmas greeting cards and share them with all your nearest and dearest.

Share the Christmas mood all around the web with these amazing Christmas photo cards.

A Christmas photo frame which renders your photo into a new surrounding with white polar bear toy A Christmas real collage template for digital photos


Add your photo as a reflection to a Christmas ball (you can choose between four available colors) or put it on a festive wooden table covered with toys, candies, cinnamon sticks and other Christmas adornments.

A Christmas photo frame which renders your photo into a new surrounding with white polar bear toy A Christmas real collage template for digital photos

Place your holiday photos into this stylish ‘New Year Book’ and create a marvelous cover photo for a festive album.

Christmas photo frame filled of holiday spirit


You can use this Christmas collage to unite images taken during the holidays into one large photo story.

Christmas photo frame for many holiday photos


Holiday Hats That Suit Any Taste

The best thing since sliced bread is a festive hat! Every trendy type needs a good hat to complement their style and New Year hats are no exception. With, you can choose the type of holiday headwear you want to wear.

Christmas stickers with blue and red Santa hats, elf's hats and a snow maiden headwear to adorn your photos


Here are: ‘Winter Headband‘, ‘Antlers Headband‘, ‘Elf Hat‘, ‘Red Santa Hat‘, ‘Russian Snow Maiden‘ and ‘Blue Santa Hat‘.

Christmas Face Photo Montages

These montages allow you to place your face into a completely different picture! We can turn your photo into a stylish sketch in which you wear a red Santa hat, or make an ace-high face photo montage and turn you into a photorealistic Santa!

Turn your face photo into a santa sketch with this christmas face in hole Turn yourself into a photorealistic Santa with this holiday face montage


Animated Christmas Pics

Everybody loves jolly holiday ‘gifs’, those funny animated pictures that are often used as e-cards. People often share these to congratulate their friends and acquaintances via Facebook, Twitter or other social networks. Though only three Christmas animations are available here, you can find more animated holiday templates on

Animate your photo with this animated Christmas photo frame
Add funny Christmas animation to photo with this festive photo effect Create funny Christmas animation with your own photos with this holiday photo effect


There is such a large collection of amazing Christmas frames on that it was a difficult task to choose the best ones. You should therefore definitely have a look at all the other winter holiday effects.

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We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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