Can You Hear the Jingle Bells?

Christmas is just around the corner. Which is an excellent reason to make a small review of all the related effects on There are so many of them, that it’s quite easy to get lost – especially if you try to pick the templates for your best buddies in the last-minute rush. Most people seem to enjoy procrastination, waiting for the last minute to come (and sometimes we are not an exception), so we believe that this guide to holiday effects will come in handy, helping you find perfect effect for any person and create a unique greeting cards in no time.

1. All-Time Traditions: Classical Christmas Photo Effects

If you can make no mistake choose variants that are most common (and thus most probably be appreciated by 80% of people) for Christmas time. The signs of such templates are festive attributes: green tree, baubles, candles, bows, and certainly Santa.

Christmas Joy Little Polar Bear

Christmas Gift Christmas Bliss New Year Book Festive Fireworks Letter for Santa Christmas Bauble All Ready for Christmas

2.Santa Hats and Other New Year Headwear for People with Good Sense of Humour!

Are you kindding? Yes, we are! Since next group unites effects, specially created for those who love nice jokes. We offer a wide range of headwear pieces and good-quality photo montages.

Russian Snow Maiden Antlers Headband Red Santa Head

Blue Santa Hat Winter Headband Santa with Postcard

3. Winter Holidays Backgrounds and Frames

The title speaks for itself. Simple still sophisticated and refined to details, these backgrounds and frames won’t leave anyone cold.

Snow Effect Christmas Presents Frame Christmas Bokeh

Smell of Fir Needles Winter Scenery Falling Snow Christmas Frame Frozen Window

North Star Magic Snowflakes Snow Drifts Icy Frame

4. Christmas kindergarten!

And of course we have frames and effects specially designed for your little angels and all cartoon fans.

Happy Horses Surprise from Santa Snowman Frame Winnie the Poohs Christmas

5. The more the merrier, right?

As we told we have templates for any case. For example when you have the whole family or a company of inseparable friends to greet.

Star Christmas Xmas Garland

The most important thing about Christmas is that it gives us another opportunity to make our beloved ones happier, let the family members know that they are special and draw smiles on kids’ faces. Just use it!

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