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Best Winter Avatars at Avatar.Pho.to

Winter holidays is the time when you want to change your usual avatar to something festive, winter-ish, and eye-catching =) Avatar.Pho.to is what you need to get exactly this result!

All you need to do is:

  • select an avatar template from a collection at http://avatar.pho.to/;
  • upload your photo;
  • and see it turning into an exclusive animated winter avatar!

So, upload your picture and…

…let it sparkle: http://avatar.pho.to/small_sparkles/

…let it snow: http://avatar.pho.to/snow/

…let it sparkle with amazing snowflakes: http://avatar.pho.to/snowflakes/

…get your picture frozen: http://avatar.pho.to/frost/

…frame it with a Christmas garland:  http://avatar.pho.to/christmas/

…or make the picture look like a frozen window: http://avatar.pho.to/feathery/

Tip of the day:

When it comes to making avatars, don’t be afraid to get creative! Make fun (and somewhat funkydelic) kaleidoscopic animations using the http://avatar.pho.to/kaleidoscope/ effect, just as we did! Here are some ‘before’ and ‘after’ examples (we used simple pictures of Christmas trees):



PS Remember that you can create many more amazing winter avatars (both static and animated) using winter & Christmas templates at Funny.Pho.to, including super-fun Santa hat effects! (see tips and examples here).

Happy holidays, everyone!!!

4 Responses for Best Winter Avatars at Avatar.Pho.to

  1. surya says:

    its nice aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. shivdabang says:

    very nice

  3. Fortune says:

    I truly love the photo

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