Best Winter Avatars at

Winter holidays is the time when you want to change your usual avatar to something festive, winter-ish, and eye-catching =) is what you need to get exactly this result!

All you need to do is:

  • select an avatar template from a collection at;
  • upload your photo;
  • and see it turning into an exclusive animated winter avatar!

So, upload your picture and…

…let it sparkle:

…let it snow:

…let it sparkle with amazing snowflakes:

…get your picture frozen:

…frame it with a Christmas garland:

…or make the picture look like a frozen window:

Tip of the day:

When it comes to making avatars, don’t be afraid to get creative! Make fun (and somewhat funkydelic) kaleidoscopic animations using the effect, just as we did! Here are some ‘before’ and ‘after’ examples (we used simple pictures of Christmas trees):



PS Remember that you can create many more amazing winter avatars (both static and animated) using winter & Christmas templates at, including super-fun Santa hat effects! (see tips and examples here).

Happy holidays, everyone!!!

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