Back to the ’90s: Yearbook trend and iconic high school looks in Photo Lab

Are you swept up in the latest internet sensation? The high school yearbook trend is currently taking the online world by storm and Photo Lab’s riding the wave. It’s all about letting you go back to the ’90s, the classic high school days, and trying on different iconic looks from that stylish time, like the brainy bookworm, the spirited cheerleader, the successful preppy, the edgy goth girl, or the lovable school’s sweetheart and that heartthrob, along with other quintessential high school personas.

In Photo Lab, we’re taking this trend to the next level by getting you the most diversified school collection ever. The best part is that it’s totally free and only needs one user photo to generate a dozen iconic looks, while other apps may require up to 12 (and your money as well).

Whether you’re recalling your own school days or trying out the iconic yearbook look for the first time, LookLab is here for you. LookLab is a feature set within Photo Lab, and we’ve introduced it here before (ссылка). The Yearbook trend has enriched LookLab’s theme collection, keeping it up-to-date by regularly adding new and trendy looks.

Join us in riding the wave of this fantastic trend! Your yearbook-worthy photo transformation is just a few clicks away.