Photo Lab effect icons explained

Hi everyone! Today we’ll give you a couple of ideas on how to make your life not only way more entertaining but also a little easier.

While most of you are enjoying Photo Lab, we’ve noticed that it can sometimes be difficult to figure out which photos to upload to make the most out of an effect or combo you choose. And picking several pictures in a row doesn’t help, does it?

Okay, don’t panic and pay attention to those tiny icons on top of the effects’ and combos’ previews as they are your keys to less stressful editing without a doubt.

Check them all

Photo Lab on The Next Web!

It’s always nice to know when your work does not go unnoticed. So we’d like to share some great news with you today. One of the world’s largest online tech magazines, The Next Web, that delivers an international perspective on the latest news about Internet technology, business and culture, dedicated an article to our Photo Lab app and its AI Technologies.

“Photo Lab is a step up from filters that just auto-adjust your camera settings.” TNW

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Take a look at our new AI Cartoon Effects!

Full-body portraits, new effects, and loads of fresh stuff

It’s not easy to raise an AI artist. It requires effort, extensive technical skills, and lots of caring parenting love. If our AI would be a person, they would graduate from AI-college already with a set of solid skills. To celebrate that we’ve made a fresh and big update list. Here it is!

Widening the perspective

Guess what, now we’ve got full-body cartoon results. Our algorithm is being improved constantly, and by now the AI-artist is able to restyle the entire body instead of just bust-cropped portrait. Each one of those costs 20$ on freelance markets, but you know, AI doesn’t have to eat and pay bills, so you have your very own full-body artist free of charge. Сheck out our new full-body styles — Looking All Cartoon, Comic Strip Style, and What a Toon!. Yay!

There’s more to that 🦄…