10 Ways to say Thanks on Thanksgiving

Your Thanksgiving Thanks can be whatever you want, but you’d better choose something to be remembered. Especially if we are talking about the ways to express your gratitude online. And while you may already have your sources of inspiration, we’d like to have your attention to show incredible card templates available on Funny.Pho.to.

10 Ways to say Thanks on Thanksgiving

Most often you want to pass the message on the clearest way possible. If it’s about you, then use our most straightforward “Thank You” card template.

Photo Thank You cardThank you card created out of users' photo


For a more traditional yet sophisticated option turn to the frame specially dedicated to this grateful holiday. It’s called “Happy Thanksgiving” and puts your photo in a handmade frame next to a wicker horn of plenty.

Traditional Thanksgiving card with horn of plenty

USA or Canada? Since Thanksgiving day is widely celebrated in the United States (fourth Thursday of November) and Canada (second Monday of October), we have special mixes of effects to offer to the citizens of these two counties. With flags and Maple Leaves.

Apply the flag of USA or the flag of Canada effect first and then choose the result as a source image for Maple Leaves Background.

Photo Thank You cardThank you card created out of users' photo


And how about famous Macy’s Parade in New York? Are you a fan? Then you’ll definitely kill for the opportunity to appear on one of the parade’s balloons! Wait no more and make it happen right now by uploading your photo here.

A photo of a girl was put on Macy's Parade huge balloon


You can also find many neutral frames on our site, that will look perfect as Thank You cards. Like warm Wild Poppies

Thanksgiving card with photo of mother and daughter created online


…vintage Autumn Inspiration

Thanksgiving Day collage with a photo in vintage style


…or tender Retro Stamp.

Stylish Thanksgiving card with a photo created online


And in case you are organizing a big Thanksgiving dinner for your friends and family, we can share an idea of a tasty invitation card, created with Food Frame.

Thanksgiving dinner invitation created online


Be blessed and share your ways to prepare your photos for Thanksgiving in comments!

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