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  1. Emily Kaufman says:

    I am feeling ripped off. I went in to the love cards app and it said pro version, so I purchased it. Then to find out its the same as the free downloads. Then as I go thru them it still says in app purchase. What did I pay for? If I click on one of them that says pro version I have to pay for each one. I feel it’s a money pit. Someone needs to explain this to me.

    • tommy says:

      We are sorry for inconvenience. Let’s clear this matter.
      Are you talking about just Love Cards effects or, for example, about the Photo Art app effects too?

      Please note that each of these apps, while connected into one interface, has separate in-app purchases.

      Did you bought PRO effects within only Love Cards app? Can you apply PRO effects of the Love Cards app now?

      Also please notice, that current version oа the app has a serious bug – most of the effects that should have been PRO are released as free, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible.

      Thank you for understanding and we are looking forward to your answer. Please, e-mail us to support@pho.to.

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