Amazing Photos Taken by Fans

Our team gets really excited each time when we see awesome images, edited via our mobile apps and online photo effects. Guys, you make marvelous photos. We decided that sharing the best picks of your photos with all of you is an absolute “must do”, thus starting from now we are going to publish interesting photos taken by fans. And be sure to click the image you like to find out which photo effect (or mobile app) was used to create it.

Photos taken by mobile photo editor fans


Touch of Art

Photo of a fly-bird drinking nectar from a flower turned into pencil sketch Photo of a beautiful horse turned into s pencil sketch

Credit to: @Catalina2003Cvs and @Jubacolt

Photo genre scene with melons turned into a stylish charcoal drawing

Credit to: @SeanRileySA


Funny Stickers

Photo of a young beautiful girl posing in a cafe decorated with a funny sticker crown Photo of a business man sitting in an office decorated with funny stickers

Credit to: @Nicole_princes1 and @Red_Legally

Photo of two young girls having fun decorated with zany stickers: sigars, sunglasses, etc.

Credit to: @_Irishka_Gammi_


Romantic Photo Editing

Photo of a beautiful woman placed into a vintage and romantic coffee frame to turn it into a love photo card Photo of a young attractive girl put into a vintage photo frame with adornments: perl necklace, rose, paper, etc

Credit to: @jasminmclatchie


Bright and Cool Face Photo Montages

An animated Halloween frame with bats added to a portrait photo of a serious man Face of a laughing man is placed into a fake magazine cover of Men's Health

Credit to: @DonaDeVita and @Andy_Sixx1D

Photos in this post were gathered from Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook. If you’d like to be mentioned in the next pick of cool and funny photos, taken by fans, all you need to do is to share your photos with us. You can: publish them on our Facebook page or here in comments or add the hashtag to your images published on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

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